20 February 2004

Being a lesbian/bi is against my church. What to do?

Hi. I’ve gotten a few crushes on a few girls and, oh my god, i get all weak around them! But the thing is that i had boyfriends before and I think some guys are attractive too. I’m only 15 and my mom says that I am too young to know if you’re a lesbian/bi and that it is against the church anyways. You wouldn’t happen to have any advice would you? Thanks anyways. – Kitten

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Hi there.


I don’t think that I can profess that this answer is coming from heaven – just me 🙂 But, I think that if you are a religious person, it’s important to remember that God + Jesus are supposed to be accepting of EVERYONE no matter what so, please don’t let your church push you into doing or being someone that you are not. Sometimes when you try to be what some consider “normal” to make them happy and comfortable, this leaves you being unhappy and living a lie.


You may not be ready to put a “label” on your feelings or put yourself in a particular “box” of straight/bi/lesbian but, if you are having crushes on girls then why not explore those feelings? It won’t necessarily be easy but, if you’re honest with yourself and those around you then hopefully it will help you come to your own conclusions about your sexuality over time.


Good luck!