18 June 2003

Archives - AlterHeros, version 2

Team AlterHeros is proud to announce the launch of a new version of its popular Internet site AlterHeros.com, a site which strives to demystify homosexuality.


Since the launch of the bilingual interactive portal and after having welcomed over 120 000 visitors from around the globe in ten short months, AlterHéros continues to innovate through the latest addition of several new features to further enhance the AlterHeros experience.

To begin with, a Discussion Forum for youth, parents, teachers and youth workers has been added to further complement the subjects currently explored on the web site.  The forum will serve as tool for exchange between GLBT & questioning youth and others on a number of subject matters and issues including homophobia, relationships, visible minorities, sexual diversity issues for those living outside metropolitan centers, issues in the school and professional settings, and more.  In addition, a completely new section has been created focusing on the needs of youth workers and those individuals working in a youth-related setting.   This section, entitled “youth worker’s lounge,” contains a wealth of information with the intent to equip and inform those working in these environments. 

Furthermore, the addition of a Community Events & Activities calendar has been added to inform visitors to the site with respect to activities taking place in or related to the GLBT community, not only in Montréal, but also throughout Canada and beyond.  The calendar has been made available to be used as a communication tool by all community groups, associations, and organizations so that they can publicize information, announcements, and events related to their respective activities.

Finally, an inordinate number of other improvements have been made on not only the aesthetic level but also performance level of AlterHeros.com.   We invite you to sample AlterHeros’ latest menu of features and services aimed to tantalize the taste buds of the GLBT community.