9 March 2007

Archive - AlterHeros.com celebrates its 5th anniversary!

MONTREAL – On February 17, 2007 – The portal AlterHeros.com, specialized in demystification of sexual diversity and fight against the homophobia, continues to impress. After more than 1.6 million visits from people all around the world that viewed over 8 billion pages since its creation in January 2002, the none-for-profit organization behind the Internet website continuous to innovate by launching a “volunteer operation” that marks the beginning of its 5th anniversary.


Recruitment campaign

In order to encourage more people to get involved within the organization at promoting sexual diversity and helping to demystify our differences, the AlterHéros team launches a recruitment campaign.

“In 2007, we wish to come out of the closet and to show our faces!  It’s the topic of our recruitment campaign.  We asked the following question to our volunteers: Why are you involved with AlterHeros?, and we posted their answers with their picture on different web banners”, announces the president of the organization, Tiago Graça.

“Without our volunteers, AlterHeros.com could not exist, points out volunteer Veronique Brisson, Animation Director. Behind the website, there is a dynamic team of volunteers devoted to offer a vast range of services such as information, education, outreach and animation offered for free. AlterHéros, it is 100% volunteers! »

An updated version of the website

This “volunteer operation” affects also the website, which has been updated to version 3.5. This update integrates a new section Volunteers in action with a frequently asked questions section, descriptions in the various ways for volunteers to get involved in our teams, a photo album, and much more!

“We also improved navigation and equipped the website with RSS functionalities allowing visitors to follow our latest updates on the website more easily, using RSS readers such as the Google Personalised Homepage or My Yahoo ”, explains volunteer Marc-Olivier Ouellet, founder and development director.

The following diagram summarizes the additions of the AlterHéros version 3.5:

1. From now on, one click on the AlterHeros logo on any page brings you back directly to the homepage. No need for a button on the left menu.

2. The left menu was improved to include the new section “Volunteers in action”. Moreover, the sub-menus were updated for better navigation in the main sections.

3. The search engine was integrated into the menu. It appears on all pages.

4. AlterHéros is now powered with RSS technology. With this technology, it is easy to read AlterHeros updates on any RSS readers such as Personalised Google Homepage, My Yahoo!, My MSN or any site accepting RSS feeds in xml. Check it out yourself! Click on the links in the gray box.

5. RSS technology also makes it possible to add us as dynamic favorite / mark-pages / bookmarks in your browser. As a dynamic bookmark, it will show AlterHeros updates such as latest personal stories, news and articles as links without the need to actually visit AlterHeros. You will need to have Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7.

6. To reach the French wesite, click on the new link, appearing on all the pages.

7. Would you like to reach the AlterHeros forum without having to go through the zone? It is now possible to click on the new button “Forum” on the homepage!

About AlterHéros

AlterHéros is a none-for-profit organization whose mission is to demystify sexual diversity. Since 2002, it has helped hundreds of thousands of young people to accept their differences, not only in all the areas of Quebec and Canada, but everywhere throughout the world. Winner of the AVENIR Society, Communication and Education at the Forces AVENIR Gala in 2004, it has been nominated for a second consecutive year for the “organization of the year” at the Allostars gala from QAQY, on February 24, 2007.