Could I be pregnant ?

I engaged in some sexual activity with my boyfriend and got my period the very next day. The next few weeks I was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms and took a pregnancy test 18 days post my sexual activity both of which came negative.
But my period is 2 days late this month. Could I be pregnant?


Hi Amy, thanks for reaching out to us !
You wonder if you could be pregnant.

If you didn’t have any unprotected sexual activity with your boyfriend since you took your last pregnancy test and you period hasn’t been late more than a week since then, you are definitely not pregnant. Sometimes our cycle is a little off – that’s totally normal, there’s nothing to worry about.
It is recommended to take a pregnancy test at least one week after the date your period is supposed to happen to avoid false negatives. If you still didn’t have your period within three days, I’d suggest you take a pregnancy test, because it’s been two days since you sent your message and it was two days late at that time. Here’s an interesting article you could read to get more info about pregnancy tests.
Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have other questions ! 🙂
Marie-Édith, for AlterHéros

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