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Marie-Claire has a degree in sexology from Université du Québec à Montréal. They like to bike, to read with a cappuccino in hand, and to give out ugly nicknames to her cats.

I took a molly pill and went to a club ...

Hello, im 23 year old on November 2.. I took a molly pill and went to a club where i had my first questioning on if im gay since a man looked at me from distance.. Since this day I started overthinking and checking and obsessing over guy and gay thoughts.. I dont go a minute without thinking of it and its gotten to the point where i dont want to be with girls when truly ive always been straight and loved and been atttacted to them.. my loss of desire and appeal for girls and surely ramped up my belief i really am gay.. now today im at a point where i can barely work through a shift of 8 hours so i had to adapt and open up to my close friends and tell them I might have to label myself gay for now to help cope with my anxiety.. Idk what to do but i just wish i was like before and just attracted to girls and still want to be straight and not gay.. Idk what to do but im definitely depressed and unsure of myself but everything seems like im gay..