Brad Newman

Will watching transexual porn compromise my hetero lifestyle?

I have been watching Transexual porn and I really enjoy it, but I'm afraid that it will compromise my heterosexual lifestyle that i love. I've also found that i enjoy anal penetration, My ex-girlfriend got me into it with her, but all of this makes me worry that I'm gay when I know I like women. So what does this make me straight with a fetish bi? I'm very confused and have been for quite some time

How to make him discover that I am gay ?

Alright so I'll be pretty straight forward. I really like this guy, and I've liked him for a long time now. I've recently "come out" to most people, but it's not information that I just pass around to everyone. So: 1. How do I let this guy know, or find out if he already knows, that I'm gay? At least it would be a start if I could let him know that I'm gay and see what happens from there. What I'm trying to say is how do I start a conversation like that? I see him pretty often in some of my classes and we usually sit next to each other and whatever, but how do I be subtle in letting someone (whos maybe wondering?) know that I'm gay! 2.What the heck do I say afterwards?! I want him to know that I like him, but I'm not always that good at being so straight forward about something like that . Thanks! -Cool Bean