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Anaïs is a non-binary sex educator working with LGBTQIA2S+ communities. They talk (way too much) about biking and new vegan stuff they find.

I have a huge crush on my teacher… I really ...

Hello, i have a huge crush on my teacher and she is older than me by 21 years and she’s unmarried im (19),she knew me since i was (11),i liked her as a teacher when i was younger but now after all the eye contact/staring she gives me i’ve started to feel something..i know im a lesbian but didn’t think i’ll actually fall for her someday,she doesn’t teach me anymore but i see her almost everyday..and i don’t know if she loves or not but here what she does to me: 1/she keeps staring at me when she sees me out of class 2/she told me once to smile only to her when im upset 3/she once told me to close the door and while im doing so she told me that im the only one who feels her 4/she saw me holding my friends hand and got kinda upset then said “okay wow” when i told her it was because i have a test and this calms me down she told me that i don’t need it and she kept telling me that 5/i was once getting something on ground and then she came and stood right behind me..she was so close to my butt for some reason 6/i was once fixing my bra and she kept looking at me doing so 7/i was once joking with her and told her that i don’t like her and she was like “okay u don’t like me thanks!” and when i was about to leave she asked me”so u don’t (love) me huh?” theses are some of the things that happened to me..i really want to know if she likes me or not..i don’t mind that she’s older than me btw