Zhen X.

About Zhen X.

Zhen is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Ottawa studying psychology. She is training to be a crisis line volunteer for the Rape Crisis Centre. She is also volunteering at the Canadian Mental Health Association as a community outreach volunteer. Moreover, Zhen has been volunteering at psychology labs at the University of Ottawa School of Psychology, assisting psychological research.

I am interested in being involved with Tell the experts because I am looking to enter the field of psychology. I have taken courses in sexuality and child, adolescent development. Thus I am well informed to help youth out there that have questions in this area. I feel I have a lot to offer the youth community with my skill set.

I don’t want to waste my teen years on the ...

Hi, I am an unsure 15 year old. I have liked girls all throughout middle school, but suddenly I found myself becoming sexually attracted towards guys. It's something I wouldn't want, but would know if would have to face if it is real. I like girls, I find myself attracted emotionally and midly sexually, but to guys I have no emotional connection, and an almost overpowering sexual attraction. I am not sure if I am just fearful of the weird hormones during puberty, going through a weird phase with weird fantasies, or if I'm doomed to having only partially "whole" relations with either sex. I know I have a long time to decide, and I've been thinking about it for a long time, but the thoughts are conflicting and I'm still not sure. And I don't want to waste any part of my teenage years on a sex which I actually can't have a fulfilling relationship with.

It might be hard for me to trust bisexuals now

Ok, here goes. I am gay and I would hesitate and the idea of dating another bi-sexual female because the last girl I was with for 6 months suddenly told me she wanted a break, this lasted a week and then she text me to tell me it was over. I was so confused because everything was going so well. Initially I asked of her sexual-orientation and she said bi and that I was the first girl she had been with. After dating her for about 5 months she tried to make her male friends feel bad and said " i get more p****y than you". Personally I thought she just wanted me so she could tell everyone that she had dated a female. But now she is 3 months pregnant so basically this happened while I was with her and she didn't have the decency to tell me. She dumped me out of the blue and made me feel like I was in the wrong. I know all bi-sexuals are not like that so I wont make a generalisation but it will be very hard for me to trust a bi-sexual female.

I like this girl but she has a boyfriend and ...

Im a girl, i'v known this girl scene the 6th grade she is my friend im in 12th now. i have a big crush on her i like her a lot i have never been with a girl be for i guess u can say im bi-curious. i think about her a lot i think about having sex with her i like looking at her butt we play around like friends do and slap each other on the butt. i did it today and it turnd me on a lil she has a big booty i want to kiss on her boobs and her butt. i realy want to grind on her booty and p**sy. but she has a boyfriend. sometimes i think about telling her that i like her but i dont know how or how she is going to take it. i dont know what to do we r both 17