9 octobre 2009

Support groups for cross-dressers in Ontario

i m a volunteer at a distress center and we often get calls asking from men who want to get out of the closet to wear women clothes.
my question is , are there support groups in the Kitchener Ontario area or a place for them to go to feel comfortable with themselves in the area?

Dee Gamme

Hello Yvonne,

Thanks for contacting Alterheros!

Kitchener is a tricky area in which to find resources for men who cross-dress, as even resources for general LGBTAQ queries are scarce. It seems one needs to be in the vicinity of the GTO (Greater

Toronto Area) to have access to many services or community groups. My overall advice is to guide your callers towards internet websites or online communities which discuss the issues that concern them. In this way, they can make alliances with others who might have the same questions or needs.

Meanwhile, there IS one place I can suggest for in-person exchanges in the Kitchener area. K-W Counselling Services is a support group geared towards the Kitchener-Waterloo area. This is a general support service for both families and individuals, but they are LGBT-friendly, and employ trans-positive counsellors.


Contact : 480 Charles Street East

Kitchener, ON

(519) 884-7000


It may also be interesting to forward your callers to the Xpressions website (http://www.xpressions.org/english/wherearewe.html), which is a trans-positive community, consisting of and run mainly by transsexual women, transwomen and cross-dressers. Though they mostly hold their gatherings in Toronto, the website insinuates possible meetings in other parts of Ontario, especially if there is a

demand for it among the group’s members. This group may also be a good starting point for info about other cross-dressing resources beyond the GTA.

I hope this sheds at least a little bit of light 😉

Dee for Alterheros