I have a few problems and I want someone to listen to me !

Dear SweetAppleCandy,

First of all, I want to tell you I am sorry for having taken so long to answer your question. It has nothing to do with you.

The situation you describe seems to be very sad. You seem to suffer from loneliness and misunderstanding from your parents. From what you describe, your parents seem to be frequently unsupportive and abusive with you, verbally, emotionally and physically. This is serious and it is a very good thing that you call for help by writing to us. It is the first step to do. Now, you will have to be very strong and courageous to fight for a decent life, surrounded with people who can love you and appreciate you for who you are.

I also want to tell you that your situation is not unique: many teenagers suffer from similar life conditions and have to look outside their family to find the love and support they need.

You did not mention your location, but if you are in Quebec, you can go to your local CLSC and ask to see a social worker. It is free and confidential, since you are more than 14 years old. They should listen to you and suggest you resources in your area for support and solutions. Otherwise, do you go to school? You can look for an adult you can trust at school who can help you find help.

Another option: you can also, from wherever you are, contact Kids help phone at 1 800 668 6868 or on the web at http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/ They are specialized in youth issues so they should be able to help you find resources in your area.

If you have a doctor you trust, or if you feel comfortable seeing a doctor, you can also go see him/her and tell them your story. They shall be able to determine if you suffer from depression or not.

So, my advice is: go ahead, be active in seeking help from professionals and soon you will find people willing to help you overcome these obstacles one by one. Trust yourself, you deserve a better life right now and from now on.

I wish you the best,

Sophie for the AlterHéros Team

About Sophie Bouchard

Sophie est travailleuse sociale professionnelle depuis 2007 où elle intervient majoritairement dans le domaine d’intervention au niveau des problématiques gériatriques. En 2006, elle a fait un stage en déficience intellectuelle. Elle a aussi complété une maîtrise en philosophie où elle a été chargée de cours en développement de la pensée critique.

Je m'implique à AlterHéros car j'ai l’opportunité d’aider des personnes dans certaines de leurs difficultés relationnelles, dans leur cheminement de vie et ce, en toute confidentialité.

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