Finding bi/lesbian teens in in Vancouver

Hi Nicole,

I understand what you have been through as it also happened to me when I was 14. Thankfully, the Internet nowadays allows us exploring beyond our immediate settings.

Since you didn’t specify which part of the island you are on, it’s difficult for me to narrow down the search for you. Nevertheless, Victoria Pride Society just hosted a reach-out session for youth, and it is responsible for current and upcoming pride events. I am sure if you contact them, they will give you specific information about social groups or gatherings for those of your age. Please check

Even if other bi/lesbian girls you know are all in relationships, it does not mean that you cannot hang out with them. LGBT people need support from each other and definitely need friendship beyond couplehood. In addition, keep in touch with the soon-to-be Ontarian girl. You never know how you might come across each other again in the future. In my case, I lost touch with my “first” for years, but truly appreciate our special bonds after reconnection!

Enjoy a wonderful summer expanding your social network! Feel free to come back to AlterHeros if you have more questions.


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Sue has been a volunteer in the Queer HIV+ community, and studied Sociology and Communications. She received her PhD in 2003 and has pondered gender issues for long.

I'm interested in the psyche and offering advice to those who feel stuck or face dilemmas in their coming out.

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