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26 February 2019

I felt constipation, starving, fatigue, and breast tender. Is that possible that to get pregnant?


I missed period for 10 days although i’ve got period last month. I had sex since before last month period. I have never miss my period before. I use the period tracker apps and Even it was late for only 2 or 3 days. Then I did the pregnancy test, i got negative result. But I was feeling like constipation, starving, fatigue, and breast tender. Is that possible to get pregnant?
Hello Amalard!

Thank you for reaching out about your pregnancy concerns! You are wondering if the lack of expected period and your physical symptoms could indicate a pregnancy.
Considering you had sex since your last period, it is possible that you are pregnant. Although, your chances of being pregnant are smaller if you used a condom or if you are correctly using birth control, such as the pill, IUD, hormonal shots, the patch or a vaginal ring. It is great that you keep track of your period! It will help you get more accurate pregnancy test results.  
I understand your pregnancy test came out negative. Pregnancy tests can be tricky! First, you have to use them at the right time (not too early). You can look on the pregnancy test’s box or website to know exactly how and when during your menstrual cycle you should use it. For example, ClearBlue and First Response are two common brands that have tests that can detect pregnancy 5 days before your expected period. Still, no test has a 100% accuracy and the line’s coloration can also be tricky to see. You could take another test (in the morning is best, so your urine is not too diluted) if you doubt your first test’s results. If you want to be certain, you could go see a doctor for a blood test, which is more accurate than a drugstore test. On the other hand, it takes longer to get the results and it could be pricier depending where you live (in Quebec it is covered by RAMQ).
You are feeling many things in your body. Constipation, starving, fatigue, breast tenderness and lack of period could indeed indicate pregnancy. It could also be your body’s reaction to stress or symptoms of a medical condition not related to pregnancy. It also could be side effects of medication or hormonal birth control, if you are taking any. Googling symptom-like feelings can generate unnecessary stress! Pregnant or not, a nurse or a doctor will help you better understand those unpleasant feelings and give you the right information. If the next test(s) come out positive, many professionals are there to help you, such as nurses, doctors, midwifes, obstetrician-gynecologist and sexologists.
I hope I answered your questions. If you are still concerned about something, we would be happy to help you!   
Fanny, volunteer for AlterHeros.