Threeway without having sex with the other guy

I am 18 years old and have suddenly begun to really want a 3 way relationship. Am I crazy? I’m a guy and I want a guy and a girl. I want us all to love eachother and makeout and kiss…etc, but I wouldnt have sex with the guy. We could both be with the girl though. Sort of like in the movie “The Dreamers”.
Hi Rick,
Thank you very much for reaching out to Alterheros.
I understand that you are interested in having a 3 way relationship and wondering if this is crazy or normal. You also mentioned that you would not have sex with the guy.
First of all, I don’t know if there is such a thing that we can call crazy or normal; or if there’s any clear definitions of these terms. These terms are very subjective and depend on how each of us defines them. However, I can tell you that, we, human beings are a very complex species. Our sexual fantasies and desires can be, and are even more complex and wild. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having such sexual fantasies. In fact, the types of questions that you are asking about having a 3 way relationship are common among young men or women of your age.
Whether or not you would have sex with the guy friend in question, is up to you guys to decide. But, even if you do decide to have sex with him, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you are doing it safely.
As for whether your fantasies would look like in the movie “The Dreamers”, is totally up to you to judge!
I hope that answers your questions Rick. Please remember that if you have any question or concern in the future, you can always contact Alterheros. Thank you.
Rahul, for Alterheros

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