1 January 2010

Limited trans resources in Saskatchewan Canada

I’m a transexual and have been all my life and moved to Saskatchewan when I was 18. I haven’t found any kind of support here for transsexuals and I have been alone, completely alone in this, for about 20 years now in Saskatchewan. I am tired of doing this alone and need a support group. Are there any support groups in Sask? I’ve emailed several groups, including Pflag, and have gotten no response. Is anyone getting my emails? Thanks, Stephen =-)


Dear Stephen,

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Saskatchewan is exactly a hotbed for trans support or community, so there are limited resources that I’ve been able to find for you. PFLAG is definitely a good place to start, but if they aren’t responding to your emails, I would suggest going to one of their offices or giving them a quick phone call to see if they can offer you more advice, one-on-one. Sometimes you just have to be in the office, personally, in order to get the attention you need. It pays to be persistent!

Alternately, there’s the University of Saskatchewan’s Pride Centre, which according to the USSU website is currently located in Room 42 of Lower Sask Hall. (Check the website here for directions/maps: http://www.ussu.ca/pridecentre/resources.shtml). This group claims to maintain “an extensive list of resources and services aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed, queer, questioning and allied persons,” so hopefully they’ll be able to point you in some good directions.

You have undoubtedly built yourself a life with friends, family and a stable job that you may not wish to leave, but if you are looking for more support and companionship, you may want to consider moving to a larger community, such as Toronto or Vancouver, where the trans communities are larger and more out in the open. Just something to consider!

Best of luck,

Laura for Alterheros