The idea of neurodiversity is the recognition of, and respect for, the diversity of human brains and ways of thinking¹. Most of the participants of the Neuro/Diversities project identify as autistic (or Autistic), Aspergers, or neuroatypical. Neurodiversity also includes ADHD, learning disabilities, schizophrenia, and Tourette’s Syndrome, amongst other things.

¹WALKER, Nick (2013). Neuro-What? Page consulted on the 15th of August 2017:

By and for

The Neuro/Diversities program is a project led by neurodivergent people for neurodivergent people. The program aims to function in a collaborative and accessible way in order to allow everyone who wants to participate to do so.

The participants of the Neuro/Diversities program are the ones who set the direction for the program and its activities. For example, since summer 2018 there are weekly meetings for participants of the program to get together to discuss various themes and to do various activities suggested by those participants coming to the meetings.

Here are a few examples of themes and activities from this summer:

  • Discussion about pride
  • Discussion about social scripts and scripted language
  • Discussion about appearance and hygiene
  • Discussion about sensory-related things and creation of sensory jars
  • Stim toys show and tell
  • Games night
  • Movie night

If you are a young person who is LGBTQIA2S+ and neurodivergent and you have ideas for discussion topics or activities for the program, contact us!

The meetings take place on Wednesday evening every two weeks, from 6.30 p‧m. to 8.30 p‧m.! They are currently in virtual mode via the zoom platform. If you are a young LGBTQ2S + and neurodiverse, please write to to get the information to participate!


You can read the documents created by the participants here. If you would like to receive some paper copies of the guide, please contact us and specify how many copies you would like and in which languages.

The participants also created videos. You can view them here or on our Youtube page.