About Séré

Séré is a non-binary activist from the Eastern Townships who loves to explain gender diversity by comparing gender to ice cream. They defend the rights of trans and non-binary youth in the context of rurality, while trying to make time to cuddle their cat and their dog.

Can trauma impact on gender identities?

Can trauma impact on gender identities because I feel more feminine during the day and masculine during the night but I realised years and years before I did feel masculine and feminine but there wasn’t a time where I would feel that, it was more random and kind of just there but now it’s becoming a time for my genders. I remember traumatic times happens at night from my mum when I use to live with her and that might’ve affected my masculinity to come out at night. Otherwise I’m unsure why I feel more masculine at night, why night, I’m still confused if my trauma isn’t the answer.

Could I get some guidance on how to proceed to ...

hey, hope all is well :). i have been out of canada for a few months and will be coming back in the next few months. it seems like i may be starting HRT where i currently am and will continue it in quebec when i am back. i am a quebec resident usually but for reasons had to be gone for a while. could i get some guidance on how to proceed to continue getting access to hormones once im back in the province if my original diagnosis/prescription was out of country/province? thanks a bunch! hugs, nat