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Je me travestis en regardant de la pornographie, mais j’éprouve ...

je suis un homme hetero je suis sportive avec un corps musclé je suis très virile avec un beauté masculine j'ai besoin de votre aide mon problème est que quand je regarde du porno (je suis porno addicte) de temps en temps je me travesti pour me masturbé surtout quand je suis célibataire (quand je suis en couple je me travesti pas) je met une culotte et un soutien gorge pendant un moment et je me comporte comme une femme pour un cour instant en me doigtent ou j'utilise des petit objet (sans maquillage ni perruque ni bas ni rien du tout ) des fois quand j'éjacule ou des fois au cour de la séance de masturbation avant d'éjaculé je me déshabille vite et j'ai un sentiment de honte pas possible mais quand je me travesti c'est toujours devant du porno après avoir escaladé ds les catégories (sauf le porno gay sa me dégoute) et quand je me travesti je fantasme sur aucun homme je suis devenue trés anxieux ET JE Regrette je comprend pas pk j'ai fait sa c'est quoi mon problème svp

I’m a straight female but would rather be a gay ...

I am a 21-year-old straight female but I feel like I would rather be a gay male. I have always been exclusively attracted to males, never females, but for the past couple of years I have been wishing more and more that I had been born a male. I know that being attracted to males, if I was born in a male body, I would be a proud gay male. Something that has clued me into these feelings is the fact that I can only get aroused by gay (male-only) porn, not straight porn. In fact, just seeing or hearing a female engaging in sex really turns me off, while seeing or hearing two or more males engaging in sex turns me on immensely. But it's not just a feeling that I relate to sexually. I adore gay-themed romantic movies and am sometimes brought to tears after watching one when I realize that I will never get to have that experience. I know there are similar questions out there, but I would really like to know if it's possible for a straight female to feel like a gay male on the inside.

My Christian friend is against homosexuality. I think I’m in ...

Let me first say that I'm still unsure about my sexuality, which makes this even more confusing to me. My best friend is a girl, Christian, who's made it clear that she doesn't agree with homosexuality. But she's so beautiful and amazing, I fantasize about her and love to put my arm around her and hug her, I just wish she knew sometimes how much I mean it when I tell her I love her. I've known her for four years now, and we've gotten very close. She even thinks of me as a sister. I know that she'd never date me or anything, although I wish I could just have one day with her, but should I tell her how I feel? I'm scared that since she doesn't agree with homosexuality she'd get scared and I really don't want to lose her as the close friend she's become.

My fiancé may be bisexual. How can I change him?

Hi. I discovered that my fiancé enjoyed watching not only regular heterosexual porn, but also gay and "she-male" porn & when I told him that I thought he was bisexual, he didn't argue. I am wondering if there is anything (as a woman) I can do to guide him gradually/gently more toward being heterosexual and so over time he prefers to be heterosexual or at least not desire the same sex as much? I'm seeking any tips you can give me (i.e. sexual, emotional, mental) so I can just try them out. This is a very important matter to me. I would appreciate anything you can give me, including links to articles (other than the ones I already have which just explain homosexuality and bisexuality). Thanks for your time.

Is my coach lesbian ?

I have a coach and everyone thinks shes lesbian. She dresses like a guy and has worn her hair really really short her whole life. We've never seen her with a guy . . . but never with a girl either. We have suspisions but dont know how to tell exactly. How can we be sure if she is or not? What are some of the "signs" because we don't want to just come out and ask her.

Is my loss of erection with a girl caused by ...

Hello, im 19 years old, and im really concerned and worried abot whats going on with my sexual feelings, im 100 % sure that im emotionally straight, ive fallen in love with a lot of girls, including three girlfriends, but i have a strong sexual atraction to the male sex, i have never had sexual contact with a male, and ive never felt emotionally atracted to men, it disgust me, but i have had close contact with females, but never penetrated them because its really hard for me to get an erection, i have a new girlfriend now im emotionally in love and im starting to feel a sexual atraction to her, but i still cant have a complete erection. so everytime we start to make out and touch each other i start feeling insecure because i feel like i wont have an erection and feel humilliated, i want to have sex with her, and i also want to give her pleasure. Am I just insecure or am I sexually homosexual? is this hapening because its my first time and i feel scared?

Will I be able to have a solid relationship ?

I am 16, I came out when I was 14 and at first I thought I was just Gay but since then I have come to the conclusion that I am actually Bisexual. However I can't seem to accept that I am Bisexual instead of Gay even though all the signs are there, I like girls on an emotional and sexual level, but I only like guys on a sexual level, but sometimes my sexual feelings for men are just so much stronger than the female ones, I have been with both sexes and I enjoyed both of them. But I just don't ever feel like I will be able to have a solid relationship with anyone because I will be lusting after the other sex. Why do I have such trouble accepting my own identity?