My dad tried to kill himself, what should I do ?

Hi Evan,

If you have a great relationship with both of your parents it’s hard to choose who you want to live with. You probably feel guilty about having to pick one over the other. But don’t go on a scare right away. Even if your dad is looking at a job there, it doesn’t mean he will go. Secondly, your dad is going through some very hard times. Regardless of his motivations to move, it is important for him to see a mental health professional. If he decides to go there, you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t want to follow. You don’t have to pick up and leave Colorado. But if you decide to go live with your dad, you need to feel safe and feel like he is well and not suicidal. Whatever you decide, talk to your mom and dad and explain your decision. Let them know that you love them, that you have a great relationship with the both of them and tell them what you want and explain your decision. Put your interests first, this decision has to please you. We always want to please our parents, but if you’re not happy, they wont be either. So do what you think is best for you.

Secondly, what you have witnessed is very hard to take in and deal with. You need time to get passed the attempt of suicide your dad made. If you haven’t talked about it with a professional I hope you will consider to do so. Suicide is often a cry for help and I think that you and your family should consult. Reliving that day in your dreams must be very disturbing and I hope you will talk to a professional in your region so you can finally sleep well at night. There are always help phone lines if you ever feel the need to talk. Here is the link for the Colorado Suicide and Crisis Hotlines: . There are links for family members and support and numbers you can call. I hope this will be helpful.

Keep your spirit up, things will get better



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