25 février 2024

Is my coach lesbian ?

I have a coach and everyone thinks shes lesbian. She dresses like a guy and has worn her hair really really short her whole life. We’ve never seen her with a guy . . . but never with a girl either. We have suspisions but dont know how to tell exactly. How can we be sure if she is or not? What are some of the « signs » because we don’t want to just come out and ask her.

sabrina prégent

Hi Lesley,

There is no « signs » to tell if someone if homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. You only can know it when the person tells you. Wearing short hair, dressing like a men and work as a coach don’t mean something; it is a stereotype. Real lesbians are like you, your mother, your teacher, your bestfriend, your grandmother and your sister; they are like everyone. Some of these women like dogs, others cats, others lizards; some of them are social worker, barmaid, politician, professor, mecanician, nurses and doctors. They wear clothes they like, sexy or not, feminine or not. It is not because you wear masculine clothes (or short hair) that you are lesbian; it is not because you were feminine clothes that you are straight. All of this is prejudices and stereotypes. It is the same thing about gay or heterosexual men.

Secondly, is there a particular reason why you want to know what is her sexual orientation ? Will it make a change on your attitude with her? Moreover, the sexual orientation of your coach is her business. Does your other teachers talk about their sexuality with you and others students? If she were lesbian and if she want you to know it, she would tell you. She didn’t do it and I don’t think it is that important to your and your friends. Your coach does good job? I think it is the only think that matters.

Thanks for writing us !

Sabrina, AlterHéros