Is it a phase ?

Hi becca,

Only you can know if you are homosexual. If you are only attracted by women and you feel you always was, you probably are homosexual. Some people have the prejudice that every young women who thinks she is homosexual just pass trough a phase. The truth is if you are attracted by women, you will probably be attracted by women all your life. In other hand, it is possible that you will discover that you are also attracted by men although you prefer women. In this case, it is bisexuality. However, I will rewrite it: only you can know what gender attracts you or if it is both.

If your best friend and her girlfriend are comfortable with their sexuality, it is very nice. If you are not ready to come out and that you are sometimes unsure, it is okay too. Each person has a different way and lives thing differently. It takes time to discover and accept your sexual orientation. It also takes time to be ready to come out as a homosexual (or a bisexual) to everybody you love and then, to everybody else. The only way to pass trough this “process” is taking your time and listening to your feelings, fears and emotions Then, when you will think you are ready, talking about it to someone you trust can help you to be more confident.

This period can be hard and long but the joy, freeing and proud you will experimente at the end of it will make it worthed it.

Sabrina, AlterHeros