13 décembre 2005

I miss so much my friend...

ok my name is Kary i’m 11 and my problem is i think i like my best friend.
recently thow our families had a huge fight and we are not alowed to talk to each other anymore, id like to see her again. i’ve been friends with her since kindergarten and now we are in different schools which makes it harder to tell her. what should i do i mean if i called we might be in big trouble but i know that she’s my best friend. but now in my new school everyone is just so happy and i just sit there and all i can think about is her. Can you help me i dont know how to tell her or enyone else !

sabrina prégent

Hello Kary,

It is difficult when you are not allowed to see someone you like a lot. It is normal that you think about her since this moment and that you miss her.

Because you have been friends with your best friend since kindergarten, it is difficult to know if you are really attracted by her or if you like her a lot as a friend. It is not easy to know clearly what our feelings means, but it can be positive for your friendship to talk to her about it. You cannot talk to her by phone, but can you send her an email, or post her a letter ?

If you don’t want to talk to your best friend about your feelings, maybe you can talk to someone else that you trust because you will feel you are not alone with your problem. It can be a member of your family (sister, aunt, grandmother) or another friend.

I don’t know why a huge fight between your two families happened, but maybe you can talk to your parents about this forbidden relationship (without saying a word about your feelings for her, if you dont want it). Give news to AlterHeros if you want or need it,