21 septembre 2023

I have problems with my erections,what should I do ?

I’m 18 and i’ve recently started a relationship with a new girl friend, approximately 3 months. Up until 3 days ago, i’ve had erections that were extrememly hard, and would never go down, but three days ago, we decided to move ahead and begin having sex. I was fine until i removed my pants, then as i was about to penetrate, my erection disappeared, and would not return. We’ve tried the subsequent 2 nights, but to the same result. I am worried. At only age 18, i didn’t believe that i would have a problem with ED. I clear my mind each time before we attempt to have sex, but as i said, the same result comes. please help me, I want to satisfy my girlfriend.
Thank you,


Hi Martin,

What you are experiencing isn’t an uncommon situation. But to properly answer to your question it would be useful to know if you have had sex (penetration) with another partner before you started this new relationship. If you had sexual contact with another person before then there is no physical reason that enables you to have penetration. Considering the fact that you have erections it suggests that the problem is emotional, psychological. But don’t worry, I don’t want you to stress out about this. Having sex for the 1st time with a new partner can be stressful and it doesn’t take much to loose an erection. Even if you clear your mind, there are things going on in your head that you don’t even know about. Because you lost your erection once before penetration, you may be scarred or worried that it will happen again. You may not consciously think about that at the time, but it could contribute to your loss of erection. It something inside your mind that’s hidden. I would suggest that you talk about it with your girlfriend if you haven’t already. Try to include her in the process or having sex. Make it so it isn’t just you penetrating her. She can lead you into penetrating her. Before you try again, try relaxing and having preliminaries to “get into it”, it could also help.

Good luck,

Alter Héros