I have dreams about my old friend, what does that mean ?

Hi Priscilla,

Thanks for writing to us. So, lastly you had dreams about your old best-friend, and you are questioning yourself on what that means.

It is very hard to say what dreams mean really, and there is a lot of theories about it. So, if you want to go deeper on that, you should consult a psychologist, specialized on that question, who could help you to understand your dream.

But, you can also try to see by yourself what would be the meaning of that. At the time, when you were more friends with her, were you in love with her ? Have you ever wished, in the last months, to feel a bond to someone, to be reunited with something that is missing in you ? Because dreams might not always be interpreted litteraly. There is plenty of hypothesis : you can dream of her because you miss the “old good times”, or because you were secretly in love with her, etc, etc…

And don’t forget : there is plenty of “social network” on the internet, like facebook, myspace, etc… if this is really what you want, you can start searching her with those means. But, you have to be careful : she might have changed a lot, and not being exactly the person you remembered, the person you dreamed…

Good luck !

François, for AlterHeros.

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