I feel suicidal about a guy who won’t return my calls


I'm so glad you came to AlterHeros for help! First of all, do not do anything drastic. No man is worth you ruining your life over. There will be other men, but you are individual and unique.

Now, to the man: He may be taking a while to contact you because he is unsure or uncomfortable with the feelings he is discovering. If, at the age of 32, he is just discovering and coming to terms with the fact that he may be queer, he is doubtlessly quite troubled and unsure of his next move. Allow him to contact you, don't pressure him- he is probably very fragile right now.

On to you: if you are becoming depressed or having suicidal thoughts over this guy, leave them at the door. He is not worth it- nobody is worth you questioning the value of your life. If he does not respond, back off. There are other fish in the sea and even though it hurts now, it will get better. Getting out and meeting new people may lessen the initial pain you feel at the response of this man,.

Finally, let me repeat, do not do anything drastic. If you are feeling suicidal or like injuring yourself, seek professional help immediately. Your life is too precious to waste, and people care about you..

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact Suicide Action Montreal at 514.723.4000

or the Trevor Project, a GLBTQ suicide prevention hotline at 866.4.U.Trevor (866.488.7386)

Hang in there.

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