10 mai 2010

I am attracted to men, but not penises, am I gay ?

Am I gay if I am attracted to men but not penises? The attraction is only limited to good looking men with jeans. Anything else I am not attrated to. And definitely not attracted to fully naked men. Does that mean I am gay?

François Paquette

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for writing to AlterHeros. You write that you are attracted to men in jeans, but not naked men, and you want to know if you are gay.

Only you knows your own sexual orientation. By «gay» most of the people mean an attraction to the same sex. Would you like to have an emotionnal relationship with a man ? Also, you don’t mention if you are attracted to womem. Would you like to have an emotionnal or sexual relationship with a woman ? Answering these questions might help you finding what you are searching.

But don’t forget that «gay» is a label, and you can wear it or not. Some people are fully attracted by men, some other will be attracted by men in only certain situations, if you don’t want to put on yourself the label «gay», than don’t !

Good luck !

François for AlterHeros.