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Am I bisexual or lesbian?

I'm Sarah, I'm 14 And I Thought I was ' Bisexual '. I Have A Girlfriend Named Sophie Who I'm Very Much In Love With. But Whenever Someone Asks Me What My Sexual Orientation Is I Say « Bi ». But I'm Really Confused About Whether I'm Bi Or Lesbian Because I haven't Had Sexual Thoughts About Men In Almost A Year. Is This Just Because I'm In A Relationship With A Girl And That's Always On My Mind? Or am I just Lesbian and not bisexual? - Please Help, Sarah

Is my boyfriend gay ? He has gay friends and ...

My boyfriend prefers anal sex over vaginal sex. When we have vaginal intercourse he often needs to touch my anus to maintain his erection. I found porn on his computer and almost all of it involved anal sex between women (none of it was homosexual) and most of it involved BDSM. However, he's never expressed an interest in that in bed or, for that matter, in anal stimulation for him. He's very loving and respectful and we have a very trusting, active and uninhibited sex life. Very often, he is the initiator, but he's keeping the BDSM thing a secret and I'm a little concerned about how much his sexual interests revolve around anal play. I'm wondering if he might be gay. Before our relationship (we've been together about a year) he had many beautiful female partners, but says that the sex was flat and unfulfilling. He also has a lot of gay friends and seems to relate to them more than to straight men in that their non-sexual interests are usually more aligned.

I am worried that I may be transsexual because I ...

I think I am starting to realise that I may be transsexual. I don't find girls attractive and most of the time I imagine myself in my head as being a female. I am worried if these are signs that I am transsexual and what would be the steps to take afterwards if I found out I am one.

I’m so confused I don’t know what I want

I've liked girls for as long as I can remember, but I also like guys so I think I'm bisexual. I came out to my family and friends and there all ok with it. However I dress tomboyish and sometimes I feel I'm meant to be a guy, want to be one and feel what its like to have sex as a man. I even have dreams about it, but then sometimes I want to be the girl I was born. I'm so confused I don't know what I want or who I am, do you have any suggestion for me, I could really use it?

How can I know my orientation for sure?

Hi, I'm in my twenties and I am not sure about my sexual orientation. I am physically and emotionally attracted to women but not sexually. I'd like to confirm my orientation, but how can I know for sure? Maybe meeting other people like me would help me, but I don't know where to go. Can you help me?

Am I bisexual and won’t admit it?

I came out as a lesbian a year ago and since then, I have had one female relationship and three strictly sexual relationships with men. I'm not attracted to men at all, but for some reason I keep going towards them. I don't understand why I do this. I feel terrible and disgusting afterwards. Am I bisexual and won't admit it? - Amy

How can I help my friend with suicidal ideas?

Hello. It happens quite often that I have to cheer up someone who's depressed or even suicidal because of his/her sexual orientation. I wouldn't consider myself the best person for these kinds of things, and at times, I wonder if I really helped them or if I actually made matters worse... What can one do or say to someone who is not comfortable in their skin with respect to his/her sexuality as a gay man or as a lesbian, especially if they/re suicidal? Thanks so much.