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Gay/Transsexual porn turns me on but I’m sure I’m straight.

Hey thanks for the great service! I have a question that's been bugging me. I've always identified as straight, throughout my life I've only had sexual and emotional attractions/relationships with girls, never once been attracted by men, but in the past year or so I've found myself turned on by the actual act of gay/transsexual sex. I'm not sure whether it's just the raw 'sexiness' of it or whether I'm trying to repress something, but I just hope this isn't the beginning of me turning bi or gay, as I love my hetrosexuality too much to give it up. I feel like I have no control over what turns me on but I just don't like it and wish I didn't feel it. The idea of romance or any kind of intimate contact with a man in real life would do nothing for me, but seeing it in porn and wondering about the sensations is a real turn on for me. Any ideas about this? Wish I could just understand why these feelings happen, it's making me really upset. Thank you!

My friend still leads me on after she said she ...

I wrote in earlier about how I like my friend that is a girl, and how she was giving mixed signals. You advised me to talk to her and I did. It sucked. Every reason I gave to her about leading me on, she shut down. I asked why would she say that she gets excited when I text her, and she said she does with all her friends. I asked why she would be afraid of losing me, and she said because I’m a friend. Every answer was “you’re my friend”. That was 2 months ago. Now we’re good but she’s confusing me again. We were discussing hugging which we’ve never done, and I asked how she would like me to. She said as tight and as close as I want, as long as it lasts forever. When I asked what she meant, she said we could stand there all day holding each other and nothing else would matter. Then one day we said what we liked about each other, and she told me I had a nice body but "not in a weird way", pretty eyes that she gets lost looking into, and I’m so sweet. What does she want from me?

My obsessive fear about turning gay ruined my sex drive

Alright, here goes. I'm 19 years old, and still in puberty. All my life I've been attracted solely and exclusively to women, this includes enjoying sex, falling in love, etc. Then, a couple of months ago, I've been struck with an obsessive fear about turning gay, though there was no proof or reason to think so. This threw me into a long period of anxiety and depression which completely killed my sex drive. Anyway, I've gone through a whole variety of attempts to check whether I was truly gay or not, including watching gay porn, and a couple of times, masturbating to it. Here's the thing: I hardly get hardly any arousal from homosexual images or thoughts. They are often even unpleasant and undesired, however, when I tried masturbating to them, it felt... a lot better than usual. I don't think I could ever fall in love with a guy, or be with one... What does this all mean? Could I be gay? Bisexual? Combined with the recent lack of sex drive, this is completely destroying me.

I didn’t choose my orientation but I doubt it is ...

People always talk about how you are born with your sexual orientation. But I am unsure about this. I think I was born straight. Growing up I was always attracted to girls. I was aroused by naked photos of women and even cartoon drawings of women. Not until university did I start even noticing attractive men. I am confused because I think I am a good example of the "nurture" argument. I did not choose the attraction to men, but I doubt it was related to my genetics. I also don't know what changed my orientation. Why would it change? I think it might be because I've always been friends with girls and so I've become bored of them. Could that be true?

Am I gay or not ?

i have always been attracted to both sexes for as long as i can remember, but for some reason i have always really liked the idea of kissing and holding a guy, yet i feel like i want to be in a relationship with a girl. after realizing this i started watching gay porn to experiment, and i found that i like the just about everything about the pre-gay sex, but when it comes to the actual penis and more actually "sexual" things i turn away cuz i just don't like it. this seems odd to me, am i gay or not? i still like the idea of having sex with a girl(the actual sex) yet whenever i fantasize its always men, never girls. another thing, i have never really masturbated i don't think. i am able to get the erection, but no matter what i cant really get the ejaculation to work. this is all very confusing to me and im not sure if its a definite question, but can i please get an answer, knowledge or comfort?

My cross-dressing boyfriend feels uncomfortable when I cross-dress

Hello! I am a woman in a long-term relationship with a man who came out as a transvestite about two years ago; several years after we began dating. He is the only man I have been sexually attracted to, otherwise I am almost exclusively attracted to women. I am confused about my gender identity. I had some discomfort with this when I was a child, but eventually made peace with my body and the urges to express my male-ness almost completely disappeared. With his coming out as a cross-dresser, my desires have returned and I have begun collecting male clothing again, and wearing it in private. I cut my hair several months ago, and my boyfriend and parents had a fit. My boyfriend is aware of my bisexuality, but my transvestism only comes out when I am drunk and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. My parents are neither aware of my gender nor sexual identification. What can I do about managing my attraction to women, and how do I explain all this to my family? Do I have to?

I’m a lesbian, so why am I attracted to one ...

i'm 29 and living now here in rome. for 11 years i'm living as a lesbian, and i'm happy with who i am.been with a live in relationship that lasted for 3 years then all of a sudden i felt something like being confused. i started admiring a man, imagining being with him then after a day i felt disgusted or yucky on thinking that i'm with him. it happen twice. am i really a lesbian? why do i feel like this? thanks a lot and looking forward for your answer.