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I reject the male label but am I transsexual?

I've been having many questions about my gender identity and I was hoping for your team's opinion (Obviously, I should talk to an actual therapist too). Even since the beginning of high school (I'm in my first year of college) I've become increasingly feminine, from growing my hair out, to wearing eyeliner and colorful nail polish, even wearing female clothing because I liked the look and feel in a non-erotic way, and I enjoy a more girlish nature. I've never hated my gender, and I always enjoyed boyish games at a young age. In fact it wasn't until the beginning of high school that I had showed signs. I did not know of transsexualism then, but I went through a period where I rejected the label male. I think that it's more than possible that I'm transsexual, but that I reject it because I'm deeply in love with a girl. Is it possible that I'm transsexual? If so, is it possible that I'm holding myself back for the reason stated and that it might be sorted out if I talk to her?

Am I gay or not ?

i have always been attracted to both sexes for as long as i can remember, but for some reason i have always really liked the idea of kissing and holding a guy, yet i feel like i want to be in a relationship with a girl. after realizing this i started watching gay porn to experiment, and i found that i like the just about everything about the pre-gay sex, but when it comes to the actual penis and more actually "sexual" things i turn away cuz i just don't like it. this seems odd to me, am i gay or not? i still like the idea of having sex with a girl(the actual sex) yet whenever i fantasize its always men, never girls. another thing, i have never really masturbated i don't think. i am able to get the erection, but no matter what i cant really get the ejaculation to work. this is all very confusing to me and im not sure if its a definite question, but can i please get an answer, knowledge or comfort?