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Moving to Montreal!

I am a pansexual female and I am moving to montreal with a gay male. We are hoping there is some kind of queer housing registry you can refer us to in order to locate housing in montreal from our current location of Saskatchewan. Here in Saskatoon there are a few different queer housing registries floating around and we are hoping there is something similar there. All we know about now is Kijiji. It would also help if the website had some English as our french is very poor.

See your name up in lights: candidacy for Allostars 2007 ...

How many names of young volunteers, community groups and public figures can you name who work around the clock in the GLBTQ community in Quebec? These people deserve recognition for their hard work and efforts. It's time to get your engines started for the second annual Allostars Gala organised by the Quebec Alliance for Queer Youth (QAQY) and will take place February 24.

My secret life

I first realized that i was lesbian about 3 months ago and it has disturbed my mind ever since. It's been badgering my weary brain like constant and annoying firecrackers going off simultaneously. There's no way to escape, it's an ever hanging shroud over my head that i'm always aware of. So this is the first time that I have ever worried to much about telling people something.

Allostars Gala : a permanent prize to honour our leaving ...

On March the 11th, the 1st Allostars Gala was held at the prestigious Downtown Delta Hotel. This gala was the culminating point of the Allostars competition whose goal was to reward the exceptional involvement of individuals or organization of the queer community world in 2005-2006.