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Culture shock: do I really have to come out AGAIN?

I am a 21 year old, queer female and decided to spend my summer working in a rural area (I am originally from a large city with a strong gay community). At the beginning of the summer, I decided that I wasn't going to tell anyone at my work that I am gay because the town is small, conservative, and religious. I thought it was going to be ok for a few weeks, but I became agitated when I heard people around me use the word "faggot" and tell homophobic jokes. I thought I was fairly comfortable with my sexual orientation (I am out to my friends at college, but not my parents), but here I feel isolated and wrong all the time. It's like I've reverted back to the state I was in when I first realized that I was queer some years ago, like I'm shoving myself back into the closet. I've started questioning my sexuality again and wondering if being gay is really worth such pain and shame. I'm in culture shock in middle America and not sure what to do.

How do I keep my boyfriend though I’m insecure?

hi, I need your help, i have a syrian bf, we are here in dubai to work, we are almost 1 year now, but were always fighting because of my attitude, I want to stay with him i know he wants to, but sometimes, I'm very insecure with his brother who have a filipina bf too, because the filipina have everything, she's simple, she have good salary good job. but me, a lot of problems in my work, and when we have a group date, the brother of my bf & his gf, are very happy, but me and my bf we cannot do like what they are doing. I love my bf, but i fight him because i always put in my mind he is not proud of me. its almost 4 days now we did not see each other even phone calls nothing. i feel not good really, i don't know what i will do to let him to comeback, and i know im wrong because i think of this things, so he put in his mind i i always compare him to his brother, he put in his mind that he is nothing for me, but deep inside he's very important to me just i feel jealous and insecure, what i will do for him to comeback.

See your name up in lights: candidacy for Allostars 2007 ...

How many names of young volunteers, community groups and public figures can you name who work around the clock in the GLBTQ community in Quebec? These people deserve recognition for their hard work and efforts. It's time to get your engines started for the second annual Allostars Gala organised by the Quebec Alliance for Queer Youth (QAQY) and will take place February 24.

Is my coach lesbian ?

I have a coach and everyone thinks shes lesbian. She dresses like a guy and has worn her hair really really short her whole life. We've never seen her with a guy . . . but never with a girl either. We have suspisions but dont know how to tell exactly. How can we be sure if she is or not? What are some of the "signs" because we don't want to just come out and ask her.