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Should I give my virginity to my friend?

well me and my best friend have been talking, he is 16 and i am 18 but the age difference doesn't seem to interfere with the friendship which i am happy about. we are both virgins and want to lose our virginity to each other. is this wrong? i really want it with him as i trust him with my life and i know that he'll never hurt me and he says he feels the same way. however he is bi and i'm scared that i might turn him gay. i love him so much and i don't want to lose him or hurt him. how can i be sure that he wants the same as i do? we've both said wait until we're ready, which is what i'm doing. he also gets jealous when i talk about other guys as he thinks i might go out and just lose my virginity, i've assured him that i won't but i want to make sure that we are both happy with our decisions and that after it happens we are still stronger than ever. have you got any wise words which would help me out here? thanks for your help.