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What if someone wanted to do away with gender ?

While you have answered a question about castration, you did so in a leading manner that implies desire towards femininity. What if an individual did not want to become female, but wished to do away with gender and sexual identity altogether? Would the barriers of understanding by "successful" people make this impossible? I'd rather not have to jury rig a pair of hedge clippers, but I don't think I have any choice. I am a Montrealler, so if you can provide an individual reference, that would help greatly.

I didn’t choose my orientation but I doubt it is ...

People always talk about how you are born with your sexual orientation. But I am unsure about this. I think I was born straight. Growing up I was always attracted to girls. I was aroused by naked photos of women and even cartoon drawings of women. Not until university did I start even noticing attractive men. I am confused because I think I am a good example of the "nurture" argument. I did not choose the attraction to men, but I doubt it was related to my genetics. I also don't know what changed my orientation. Why would it change? I think it might be because I've always been friends with girls and so I've become bored of them. Could that be true?

Do my dreams mean I am bi?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've always thought that i was 100% straight but now I'm not so sure. I keep having these dream occasionally about girls. It never goes a lot further than kissing but I'm still really confused. Its usually a girl that I think is really pretty or an upperclassman that I admire in a way. I'm really confused because my last dream was about a girl on my school track team[which is pretty small], and now when i go to practice, i see her and feel weird. I don't know what to say to her and all I can think about is the dream. It is like on a projector in my mind and plays continuously. The team is pretty close though, so its not like i can just avoid her. How should i handle this situation? Do these dreams mean that I'm bi? I'm also kind of scared because if I am i don't know how to deal with it if I somehow am... I don't think my family would really get it and I'd be wicked scared to tell my friends. Help Please! I'm not sure how to deal...

Am I allowed to have sex at my age ?

Am i allowd to have sex at this age? with another 14 year old at least she said shes been wanting it for a while now and i dont know what to tell her.... i feel as if i should because i know about safe sex, stds, and pregnency. my dad says its ok if i wear a condom but i just dont know what to do? any advice?????

I often think about my friend, am I bisexual ?

I have never had a sexual experience with a female, i have with a male but i was very young and not ready. I have been attracted to other females and often had fantasies about being with one sexually. over the past years, i have found myself in situations where i grew crushes on my closest friends. In college,i would hang with the guys alot and have very few girlfriends because i felt more comfortable being around the guys. I recently found out my best friend from college who was also a guys girl and who i used to hang out with alot and spend most of my time with(just the two of us) is actually bisexual,she did not tell me i read it on her profile. ever since i cannot seem to stop thinking about her,and i have developed a crush on her. we used to touch and hugg alot without even being aware of it,and one day we were cuddling on the sofa holding hands while watching a movie.(with other ppl around) and they would call us lezboz as a joke. am i bisexual?