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I feel lost about my sexuality

I have been struggling with my sexuality for some time now. I sometimes find myself very physically attracted to women but I have never been emotionally attracted to them. This sexual attraction comes and goes. I am not really sexually attracted to men but will get crushes on them and be happy to be with them and feel my heart flutter when I am around them. However when i think about going further and having sex with them I get nervous, and worry that i won't like it. But I don't have an interest in having sex with women either. I am very lost right now please help.

Is it a phase ?

i am 19. never before this year did i identify as a homosexual nor a heterosexual. last year my best friend fell in love with a woman...we spent a great deal of our time opening, exploring & trying to understand our sexualities, beginning it with her love for this woman. It forced me to look at mine in a new way & I discovered that I was gay too. my friends g/f has become my other close friend. they have a better grip on their sexuality while I still get too uncomfortable to come out to them. im not as sure as they are. the past 6 mnths, having identified myself as a lesbian to me only, have been so wonderful but sometimes, i am unsure. It all happend so fast that sometimes I doubt my understanding. for 6 years, i haven't labeled my sexuality, it just was. good or bad. I miss that. Now everything i do, i do as a lesbian. it puts a whole new twist on everything i do. am i too homophobic to love this me that is undeniably happier or could i really be "going through a phase" as they say?