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J’ai des difficultés à faire confiance à ma conjointe

Bonjour j' ai énormément de mal à faire confiance à ma conjointe, je suis à l' affut du moindre détail car je n' ai pas confiance envers les femmes et je manifeste donc cette peur par le fait d' essayer de la tromper ou d'y penser en permanence. j' ai une libido qui me controle de manière aléatoire et avoir des doutes sur ma conjointe le rend la vie impossible, j' ai un besoin permanent de vérifier son télephone et cela m' est arrivé. j' ai du mal à admettre qu' elle ne puisse rien me cacher. Pourrais je entrer en contact avec vous ?

Was my STD test result a ‘false negative’ or did ...

In June 2008 I was tested for STD's and all results came back negative. I have been having sex with the same man from March 2008 to the present. This past week I was hospitalized for PID which was caused by chlamydia. My boyfriend swears he has been faithful, but my doctors says this is unlikely, and he must be lying. I am torn, I know that I have been faithful, and I believe in my heart my boyfriend would not cheat on me and then lie to me. Is it possible he had this before he met me and only transmitted it to me now, even with my negative results in June? Could I have received a "false negative"? Please help.

What does those attractions means ?

i have been married for 8 yrs now. to a man. i have always had boyfriends. i have always thought some women were more attractive than others. im very particular with women because i know how we are. ive never found a female whom ive clicked with except until recently. there is this woman who is just like me. same mannerisms,likes,dislikes. even my son likes her. besides me she is the only one whom he is very comfortable around. she and i get along well.ive never gotten along ever with another woman the way i have with her. im wondering does this mean im a lesbian? should i tell her? my husband and i are not intimate. im wondering could that be why im so into this woman. i think of her. not so much sexually;however, that has crossed my mind,but i dont think i would ever act on it. its stimulating and uncommon to actually talk to or be around someone who has so much in common and be a woman.does that mean im a lesbian?should i tell her?help.what does this all mean?