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If I could pass, would my family support me if ...

I've been crossdressing since 5th grade, in my moms lingerie and other clothes. It started out just out of curiosity, but I couldn't stop. I love it because I do feel feminine which doesn't scare me. I have to admit there is some arousal too. I've also fantasized about being a girl and having sexual relations with another male, but I"m still attracted to girls mostly. I recently became friends with a mtf transgender girl and I find myself speaking more in a feminine tone with her like we were best friends. Depression has really hit me lately. There are times where because of how i feel when i dress as a girl, its no longer just about love of crossdressing, but in truth I like looking in the mirror and it feels right. Am i just a transvestitecrossdresser or should I consider that I might be a woman inside. The last year I've been getting these strong feelings towards being a woman and it only bothers me because I don't know if I could pass and if anybody in my family would support me.

Am I transsexual, transvestite, or both ?

Ok, just recently I began looking into my Gender Transition, I found numerous options open to me and I was convinced for a while that I was fully Transsexual, and I am still convinced that I am at least partially Gender Dysphoric, I have had these feelings since I was a small child What I want to know is, is it possible to be both Transvestite and Transsexual at the same time? I don't identify as male per se however I don't want a sex change. I will admit that Transvestism has a certain sensual allure but not enough for me to consider myself fully Transvestite. So whats the deal am I Transsexual or Transvestite, or both?