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Am I androgynous or transsexual?

I’ve realized that I’m not stereotypically female, and don’t want to be. My vague masculinity and physical appearance have lead people to assuming I’m lesbian. I don’t feel a physical attraction to men or women, and know that I’m pansexual, but I don’t know whether I’m androgynous or not. I feel uncomfortable with my female body, but I’m not completely sure I should be male. I remember wanting to be a boy and believing I should’ve been as a kid. During high school, I felt reluctant to have the mistake the school made as labeling me male fixed. Recently, I’ve had the desire to bind my chest, and feel hesitant whenever I’m asked to identify my sex. When I have to, I want to say I’m male. I want to look masculine and have a flat chest, but not a penis. I don’t desire any kind of surgery beyond having my ovaries removed. I felt relieved learning of androgyny, but now I’m uncertain and scared. Am I really androgynous or actually transsexual?

Gay/Transsexual porn turns me on but I’m sure I’m straight.

Hey thanks for the great service! I have a question that's been bugging me. I've always identified as straight, throughout my life I've only had sexual and emotional attractions/relationships with girls, never once been attracted by men, but in the past year or so I've found myself turned on by the actual act of gay/transsexual sex. I'm not sure whether it's just the raw 'sexiness' of it or whether I'm trying to repress something, but I just hope this isn't the beginning of me turning bi or gay, as I love my hetrosexuality too much to give it up. I feel like I have no control over what turns me on but I just don't like it and wish I didn't feel it. The idea of romance or any kind of intimate contact with a man in real life would do nothing for me, but seeing it in porn and wondering about the sensations is a real turn on for me. Any ideas about this? Wish I could just understand why these feelings happen, it's making me really upset. Thank you!

I reject the male label but am I transsexual?

I've been having many questions about my gender identity and I was hoping for your team's opinion (Obviously, I should talk to an actual therapist too). Even since the beginning of high school (I'm in my first year of college) I've become increasingly feminine, from growing my hair out, to wearing eyeliner and colorful nail polish, even wearing female clothing because I liked the look and feel in a non-erotic way, and I enjoy a more girlish nature. I've never hated my gender, and I always enjoyed boyish games at a young age. In fact it wasn't until the beginning of high school that I had showed signs. I did not know of transsexualism then, but I went through a period where I rejected the label male. I think that it's more than possible that I'm transsexual, but that I reject it because I'm deeply in love with a girl. Is it possible that I'm transsexual? If so, is it possible that I'm holding myself back for the reason stated and that it might be sorted out if I talk to her?

Why am i turned on by shemales (transsexuals)?

My Name is Chris I'm 21 years old. I have been watching shemale porn for around 5 years. I have a girlfriend who i have been going out with for 4 years and we have our own house and a loving relationship. shes been dropping hints about shemales and i think she has found some porn on the computer. i don't like men i just get turned on by shemales/TV's. and normal women . i cant talk to anyone about this as i am to embarrassed so i don't know what to do . should i stop watching the porn . why am i turned on by shemales so much.

Why do i lately enjoy watching transsexual porn?

i have enjoyed sex with woman for many years i am 34 and have lately found my self watching a lot of transsexual things on the internet and when i watch it i get an erection but if i watch to males it does nothing for me what is wrong with me

Is having a sex-change acceptable if I am Muslim?

hi I'm a muslim boy and I have always felt like I wasn't the right gender. I always felt like I'm a girl. I even used to dress in my mum's clothing when my parents went out or when we played as children I always used to want to dress up as a girl. I also always wanted to know what sex feels like as a girl. I often masturbate imagining this. I even went as far as to insert objects in my backside and masturbate this way. my question is do you think I am transsexual? if so can you give me some info on forums for people in similar states. also do you think as a muslim it is acceptable to have a sex change?

My brother came out as a transgender, and his situation ...

My brother recently found out he is transgender and came out to my family a while ago. Ever since he did, his situation sounds similar to mine, though I have never cross-dressed like he has. I really wish i was a girl, and I masturbate at the thought of myself becoming a girl. Sometimes as a girl with another man. I don't know how to be a guy, and almost have to "study" my friends to see how I'm supposed to act. I feel like I'm stealing everyone else's personalities and building my own. I try to make bets with friends of mine where if I lose I have to dress like a girl, and I loved it when some girls I know painted my nails. Even when I was little I wanted long hair but couldn't. I have been accepted by everyone, dating very cute girls, but was only turned on when I imagined myself as them. At night I can only ask myself one question - who am I? Am I transgendered or just have a different situation than some people?

Am I transsexual, transvestite, or both ?

Ok, just recently I began looking into my Gender Transition, I found numerous options open to me and I was convinced for a while that I was fully Transsexual, and I am still convinced that I am at least partially Gender Dysphoric, I have had these feelings since I was a small child What I want to know is, is it possible to be both Transvestite and Transsexual at the same time? I don't identify as male per se however I don't want a sex change. I will admit that Transvestism has a certain sensual allure but not enough for me to consider myself fully Transvestite. So whats the deal am I Transsexual or Transvestite, or both?

Are there any support group for transsexuals in Canada ?

I'm trangender. For awhile I was wondering if I was a lesbian or something, but then I started realizing that mentally i'm a boy. I really want the operation but I don't know much about it. Also, I'm considering getting hormones. My parents are really religious and i can't locate a support group in canada. are there any?