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I feel alienated. How can I meet others in the ...

I chatted with an online gay friend for a few months and got quite emotionally attached to her till she said she was “tired” of me and wanted to leave. It took me some time to get over it. I have reached out to online LGBT communities within my country but haven't thought about meeting anyone. I don't really have any friends at college. I had to come out to a girl I had a huge crush on and she took it well but avoids talking about it. We do chat and that makes me feel better but, of late, her boyfriend has been sticking around her all the time and she doesn't even notice me. And this guy keeps despising me. I keep feeling like a loser. I can't even stop talking to her. My parents are too conservative. They ask if something has been bothering me and I have no answer. They dont even think that I can have problems in life unrelated to my studies. Homosexuality is illegal here and I feel as if I've got no future. I feel depressed and alienated from everyone. How do I get on with life?

I have a few problems and I want someone to ...

Dear Experts, I have a few problems and I want someone to listen me and give me some advises. I'm going to high and I'm only 15. The first problem that I have is that "loneliness". At school I have only 1 friend but she not my close friend. I don't have ANY friends. A saw my friend's friend she didn't even say hi to me. I used to be friends with some girls or boys and now they don't even talk to me. I'm so alone nobody talks to me in the school. At home my mom always insults me she always calls me "fat,ugly,nasty". One time I was at home and my notebook accidentally fell and my father hit me. My mom hits me too, from one small thing she hits me. I don't think my parents love me. I'm so alone at home and school. I have no friends. My parents hates me. I feel so empty. I don't want to go outside or do anything. I'm so depressed. I have a lot of problems and it so hard to deal with them. I think I might suffer from "depression. What should I do? Please help me. Thank you

How do I overcome this fear ?

I have been to this website before, and asked questions before but I just had one more. I am planning on telling my parents about my Transsexuality soon and beginning to live as female. I'll probably remain pre-operative for about six or seven years or as long as the process takes. I wrote them a letter telling them everything they need to be aware of, and asking for their support. They've asked me before about it and said they would be supportive if I was this way, but I am just uncertain of how to do this and I am scared, how do I overcome this fear?