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Though we fight a lot and he seems to have ...

I have feelings for someone and I think I'm completely in love with this person. We are both good looking men, the only problem is we do fight a lot. I think I'm in love for the first time but this person confuses me a lot. We have never been intimate and i do get this feeling he has someone, his brother in law works with me and confirmed that he doesn't have anyone.I do work for a security firm in South Africa and asked him if he does have a Alarm system with us, seeing that I do have access to all clients i did my own search and came up with his residence but came across his boyfriends details.I saw a picture of him and this person on the internet hanging around a night club in Johannesburg. I did ask him about it and he was upset, his boyfriend told everyone on facebook that they going through a rough patch. He told me to leave him alone but now and then I do receive an sms or e-mail from him.@ times he will even dial my extension number to speak to his brother in-law. confused.

How can I get her to give me another chance?

My gf and I have hit a rough spot and no one can give me any advice or even tried I guess. Either way she's denying that she ever loved me since I yelled at her saying she didn't. Now after three months of that she finally broke it off completely saying that being with me was more of a chore and she couldn't think of me as a gf anymore. How can I fix this? Should I give her tons of space and try again? Even though she doesn't want to try anymore? I love her deeply and I already know what I need to fix in our relationship but I need to know how to get that chance. Please help!