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I don’t feel grown up at age 28: I don’t ...

I'm a 28-year-old, sexually entirely inexperienced man who has for the larger part of his life been trying to figure out his sexual identity. Since I was about 14 I've experienced frequent emotional attraction exclusively to the opposite sex but physical attraction only to the same sex. Physical attraction, however, also only to males I don't know and have never met, i.e. faceless, nameless fantasies I masturbate over through gay porn. But I've never been attracted to a male friend e.g. Instead I tense and cramp up when someone unexpectedly touches me. I've also never sought out random sexual encounters with men I don't know as it's merely the fantasy of it that intrigues me and I don't believe I could go through with it. As a result of my inexperience and confusion I feel very inferior to everyone and not grown up at all. When people ask me if I'm gay, straight or bi, I'd like to give them an honest answer but since I don't know myself I only get embarrassed. What would [you suggest?]

I want to talk to her but how ?

hey! okay so i really like this girl; and her facebook page says she is interested in men and women :) so i realllly like her but she has no idea who i am! i go out of my way just to get a glance of her. im bisexual i guess..but have not told ANYONE! she is so beautiful.and i wanna get to know her..but once again she doesnt even know who i am. ive had a crazy crush on her for about 4 months..and the crush gets deeper and deeper everytime i see her. i wanna talk to her but HOW?! do i just go up to her and say hi?! that would be wierd..shed probaly get wierded out. so what do i do?! i cant stand this pain of not tlaking to her!! i wanna get to know her!! what do i do?! :(