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My fiancé may be bisexual. How can I change him?

Hi. I discovered that my fiancé enjoyed watching not only regular heterosexual porn, but also gay and "she-male" porn & when I told him that I thought he was bisexual, he didn't argue. I am wondering if there is anything (as a woman) I can do to guide him gradually/gently more toward being heterosexual and so over time he prefers to be heterosexual or at least not desire the same sex as much? I'm seeking any tips you can give me (i.e. sexual, emotional, mental) so I can just try them out. This is a very important matter to me. I would appreciate anything you can give me, including links to articles (other than the ones I already have which just explain homosexuality and bisexuality). Thanks for your time.

I am confused : am I bisexual?

Hey I ran across your site and wondered if you could help me. Iv been going through a bit of confusion, im not exactly certain of my sexuality. All my life, ive been attracted to boys. Ive even had the wonderful expierence of falling in love with one when I was 16. However, when I was 16 I also had my very first same-sex fantasy if you could call it that. It wasn't very elaborate. I pictured myself kissing my best friend. No tongue or anything, just a peck on the lips. I had never expierenced anything like this before and I didn't like it at all. It scared me and turned my stomach. I really began to think I was homosexual or something but I didn't except it becasue of all the guys iv crushed on before. It just made no sense. Eventually it was cleared up but now I feel this way again. I tend to ruminate about certain subjects and this is one I just can't seem to shake. Iv never had a crush on a girl but sometimes I feel like Im attracted to them, especially if they are tall and thin and close to my age. But the thought of actually being with a girl turns my stomach and scares me, even makes me want to cry. Ive only been with one guy in my life, and even though I didnt find him physically attractive or entertaining at the very least, he turned me on by the simpelest of gestures (holding hands and cuddling) Another thing is that now I picture myself kissing everyone I see if they get close enough to my face, boy or girl. And in truth, Ive never even been kissed. So I wonder, Is what im feeling towards girls a true attraction or just something im making myself paranoid over? ~Alli

I can’t figure out if I am Gay or Bi.

I think I am Gay, but I'm not completely sure, because there are still times when I am attracted to females, but very little of the time. Mostly I like guys. I have already had "experience" with both sexes, and I liked guys much more. I know I am not straight but I can't figure out if I am Gay or Bi.

Why can’t I have erection when I want to have ...

Hi there! I am 28 year old male and I feel I am gay (based on the attraction to other men). I haven't had sex with any men so far, but since I have an erection when I like someone then this proves that I am a homosexual. Besides, I tried to have sex once with a woman, but I couldn't get any erection. I would gladly like to convert myself into heterosexual but I am fairly unsure if it is possible. I really hate what I am and even come to the idea of suicidal but I am glad that I haven't had sex so far with people of the same sex (i.e. males). Unfortunately, I haven't had sex even with females; this is due to my inability to get erection. I feel like I can beat what I am like since whenever I watch movies solely with naked girls (no men) I masturbate watching them and explode when I cum since I get my thoughts deep into those girls and I feel like I am having sex with them. I also used to masturbate thinking the opposite (i.e. having sex with men), but I am trying to get rid of these thoughts as I want to become a heterosexual. My questions is: Why can't I have erection when I want to have sex with a girl? Profuse Thanks, Benny

My friend likes me, am I responsible?

This post is more or less a question that I have been pondering. I have this female friend that is also bi-sexual. In the beginning I was very interested in her and I let her know that in more of an indirect way, but none the less, we were attracted to one another. Well, a few weeks past and I found my present boyfriend. I didnt know how to tell her that I was in a relationship so I avoided the subject untill she caught on. This hurt her, and she talked to me about it. She told me how she was still very interested in me and how it was hard for her to hold back because I had a boyfriend. But, of course she is strong and I thought she got over it, over me. Untill the topic was brought up by a few random people who said that "she only believes in this because you believe in it, she does this because you do, she is swayed by what you do just because she is in love with you" That statement drove me into rage and I was numb about it for the rest of the day. But then I got thinking, I respect her, I believe what she says, she is true to herself, right? She wouldn't be something other than herself just because I am around, right? It is only concerning to me because she is a good friend of mine and it is one thing to know that someone has feelings for you, but another to know that the feelings they express to you are not pure. I am confused of course. I am confussed because I am unsure wheather or not I should think beyond the thoughts that were provided to me by those random people, should I find truth in that or should I trust my friend, my friend that is "in love with me"