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I want to tell them that I am bisexual, but ...

so i'm about to start my second year of college in the fall and am on a club football team. i just recently came out to a few people that i'm bi and want to tell others next semester. the only problem is i don't want the team to hate me for being bi. what do you think i should do? i told the team president in private. he was extremely supportive, but advised me to not tell anyone and promised not to say anything.

I’m sensitive and don’t want to screw up our friendship

I'm the kind of guy every person can get along with. I can take a hit, a joke, I help those who are down, you know, an all around good guy. But when it comes to women, I'm a wreck. I'm not handsome, or a noticeably fit guys, though I am pretty strong, and recently I've fallen for one of my friends. She moved in at the start of the year. The only problem is, she likes one of my minor friends. I don't wanna mess with our friendship, and I know her friends hate me, I don't really like them either, but what should I do, the last girl's I liked were all failures, and I felt hurt. I'm surprisingly sensitive, and I'm worried I'd screw up our friendship. What should I do?