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Je voudrais épouser ma copine au Canada, mais nous sommes ...

bonjour je m'appelle laure et j'aimerai réaliser le rêve de ma copine et moi. Nous voulons nous marier au canada cependant je ne sais pas si nous devons avoir la nationalité canadienne ou pas. Notre but n'est pas que notre mariage soit reconnu en France nous voulons juste nous marier. Je n'ai pas trouver de réponse à cette question sur internet ni sur votre site. Pouvez vous m'aider?

Moving to Montreal!

I am a pansexual female and I am moving to montreal with a gay male. We are hoping there is some kind of queer housing registry you can refer us to in order to locate housing in montreal from our current location of Saskatchewan. Here in Saskatoon there are a few different queer housing registries floating around and we are hoping there is something similar there. All we know about now is Kijiji. It would also help if the website had some English as our french is very poor.

Are there any support group for transsexuals in Canada ?

I'm trangender. For awhile I was wondering if I was a lesbian or something, but then I started realizing that mentally i'm a boy. I really want the operation but I don't know much about it. Also, I'm considering getting hormones. My parents are really religious and i can't locate a support group in canada. are there any?