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Irregular periods – Could I be pregnant?

Hello. So, I had sex with my boyfriend about 2 mouths ago now(we only did it for about 7 seconds or so).. and i had my period.. But it was weird.. my period goes up by 1 date every time.. first it was the 9th, then 8th, 7th.. but last month i had it on the 11th.. its jumping dates. and now it is the 18th and i still haven't had my period.. I don't know whats going on, I've been getting cramps and stuff.. but no blood yet. Im not showing any sines of being pregnant. im not sick or anything like that. I would really like some help. Please and thank you!

I haven’t got my period yet

Hi, so i have a really unexpectable period. one month i actually got it twice. and in result december of 08 i got it late on the 29th. Now its january 31st of 09 and i havent got my period yet.. i have had sex once and that was on the 12th.. but it wasnt for the long and we used the pullout method... so i dont know what to think.. i have had cramps. but not breat tenderness or nausea.. HELP please.