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How to keep my friend even if she is bisexual ...

ok soooo my best friend is like Bisexual and i CAN NOT ACCEPT THE FACT ITS TRUE OR SHE DOESN'T CARE HOW I FEEL BOUT THIS ...BUT SHE KNOWS ITS KILLING me inside, can i still be her friend and love her like i use to b4 she chose tht life style ?> and also pleeze GIVE ME ADVICE TO ACCEPT HER 4 WHO SHE IS ....CAUSE I KNOW (IF I'M REALLY HER FRIEND I HAVE 2 ACCEPT WHO SHE IS NO MATTER HOW MUCH I HATE IT AND IT KILLS ME INSIDE (4 ONLY SHE CAN CHANGE I CAN'T CHANGE WHO SHE'S BECOME !!!!! pleeze help!!!!!! ASAP!!!! thanx

My cross-dressing boyfriend feels uncomfortable when I cross-dress

Hello! I am a woman in a long-term relationship with a man who came out as a transvestite about two years ago; several years after we began dating. He is the only man I have been sexually attracted to, otherwise I am almost exclusively attracted to women. I am confused about my gender identity. I had some discomfort with this when I was a child, but eventually made peace with my body and the urges to express my male-ness almost completely disappeared. With his coming out as a cross-dresser, my desires have returned and I have begun collecting male clothing again, and wearing it in private. I cut my hair several months ago, and my boyfriend and parents had a fit. My boyfriend is aware of my bisexuality, but my transvestism only comes out when I am drunk and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. My parents are neither aware of my gender nor sexual identification. What can I do about managing my attraction to women, and how do I explain all this to my family? Do I have to?

I’m a lesbian, so why am I attracted to one ...

i'm 29 and living now here in rome. for 11 years i'm living as a lesbian, and i'm happy with who i am.been with a live in relationship that lasted for 3 years then all of a sudden i felt something like being confused. i started admiring a man, imagining being with him then after a day i felt disgusted or yucky on thinking that i'm with him. it happen twice. am i really a lesbian? why do i feel like this? thanks a lot and looking forward for your answer.