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My friends say I’m not really bisexual!

Physically I am attracted to men, but emotionally I am attracted to women. I would also rather be in a relationship with a woman. As I am currently looking for a girlfriend, but would have a boy friend. My friend tells me this might mean I am not really bisexual, just confused. But I really feel I am bisexual, because I am physically attracted to women, just not as much as men. Is this normal? Am I really not bisexual? Help please.

How can I tell my family and friends about being ...

I have been out as bisexual for over a year now, and I am perfectly comfortable with that. However, there's more to it that I haven't been completely honest about, I am transgendered, I have felt like a female since I was a child, I remember always feeling more inclined to tkae on the female role in everything rather than the male. I am pretty sure that within the next three years I will begin my transition, just as soon as I raise the money, but I just am so afraid to tell all my friends and especially my parents, everyone already accepts my bisexuality and has no problem with it, however I don't think they will be as open to my transsexuality. How do I tell my friends and partents that I am transgendered without losing them?