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I snooped in my boyfriend’s phone – is he cheating?

I did something I promised I would never do and looked at my boyfriend's phone. He had been exchanging texts with a man that lives about an hour away sexually detailed accounts of what they are going to do with one another when they meet again. He knows that I am a very sexually open woman so I'm shocked that he hasn't brought it up. We've discussed having an open relationship twice in the past and he said no way. I have suspected this for some time and I guess that's why I went into his phone. The question is, what now? How do I bring it up without breaking his trust by admitting to looking at his phone? I have no problem with him being bisexual though I do have a problem if he's cheating. Thank you all for your guidance. Jessica

Is there a cure for being gay ?

hi I am Mori.N , 21 years old. I had a search in your previously asked questions but i cant find my answer. I am a gay but i dont want to be a gay because every moments i have a feeling of abnormality also my religion [Islam]deny this behavior so hard and I have so many problems in my society. I red in so many places that this behavior is not a problem but I realy dont want it. so : I want to clearly know that is there a cure for this behavior (like drugs or mental ways somthing) ? Do you know someone which totaly cured and back straight ? I will be so glad that you answer my question... thanks.