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My husband is watching shemale pornography

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4-1/2 years and have a very open and healthy sexual relationship. He has anal sex with me (on occassion) and we have joked around about me doing it to him, but never have. I have used my finger and he enjoys that. Recently I found shemale pornography on his computer, I was very confused. Does this mean that he might be attracted to men? I did not see any male to male, only sheamale and heterosexual porn. He is 30 years old, would there have been signs before now if he was attracted to men? Madison

Why can’t I have erection when I want to have ...

Hi there! I am 28 year old male and I feel I am gay (based on the attraction to other men). I haven't had sex with any men so far, but since I have an erection when I like someone then this proves that I am a homosexual. Besides, I tried to have sex once with a woman, but I couldn't get any erection. I would gladly like to convert myself into heterosexual but I am fairly unsure if it is possible. I really hate what I am and even come to the idea of suicidal but I am glad that I haven't had sex so far with people of the same sex (i.e. males). Unfortunately, I haven't had sex even with females; this is due to my inability to get erection. I feel like I can beat what I am like since whenever I watch movies solely with naked girls (no men) I masturbate watching them and explode when I cum since I get my thoughts deep into those girls and I feel like I am having sex with them. I also used to masturbate thinking the opposite (i.e. having sex with men), but I am trying to get rid of these thoughts as I want to become a heterosexual. My questions is: Why can't I have erection when I want to have sex with a girl? Profuse Thanks, Benny