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Guiding a gay youth while rejecting his sexual advances to ...

I am trying to help guide a young hispanic man (he's) 17 in the right direction to meet and get to know other guys in his age bracket. He's not shy, quite to the contray, but he's exhibiting inappropriate behavior. He showed up at our door begging us for sex. This situation is just wrong for many, many reassons. He seems overblown with hormones, but I'd like to know how he could get free counseling and maybe meet other young men (in a group situation) that he could get to know. He lives near is in the San Fernando valley and tells me that he feels completely cut off. His friends are all straight and as unfortunate as it is, are very homophobic. He's afraid they might try to kill him. We live in the San Fernando valley near North Hollywood. I'd like to give him some advice before he does something drastic or gets us in trouble. I really could use some information for him. (Counseling centers-gay hispanic yourth group meetings). Your immediate help would be appreciated. Thanks

I want an idyllic life but not being with this ...

I am a girl and I consider myself a heterosexual and have had several long term relationships with men and enjoyed them - i suddenly find myself in a relationship with a woman and am utterly confused - i find men attractive, don't look at other girls ever (find it gross) but feel really comfortable and happy with this girl. Am i bisexual or have i found my soulmate who just happens to be a bloody girl?? It is complicated by the fact that my choice of partner is tearing my family apart and here i am not even sure if i am really gay or going thru a phase? I really want the idyllic idea of wedding, husband, kids etc but the thought of leaving this girl tears me apart. I would like an answer from someone not emotionally involved.

My preferences and desires are confusing me at age 13.

I am a 13 year old boy. I'm just confused. I'm turned on by both women and men, but I can't envision an actual relationship with a man, only something sexual. Also, I get extremely turned on by dressing up in female clothes, but times I wish I could just be a girl. What's up with me?

Am I bi? I like both gay and straight porn.

Hi I'm rolando.im 15 and I'm worried becouse I think I'm either gay or bi.i don't know where else I could find help.and everyday I can't help but see a guy naked and still be turned on by a girl.everyday I watch gay porn. I also watch straight porn to but for some reason gay porn turns me on more.I've never had sex before but I still get desires to see nude men. But still like girls to. And I only desire girls when i'm in school. So I ask for your help.

Am I gay? And how do I find the right ...

I am worried about myself because i think i am gay. I would like to see what it is like giving and receiving a blowjob from another male and i would also like to try gay sex. I do not seem to be interested in females. Am I gay, or is it just a phase that will pass with time? + Jimmy Eddy Homo, 12 years old, United Kingdom (Great Britain) How do i find the man that is right for me?

Is it wrong to have a sexual attraction towards your ...

Is it wrong to have a sexual attraction towards your brother. I just noticed it last year. I always stare at his body when he takes his shirt off. He has a hot body. Also, when his shorts roll up his thighs I get aroused. He has a great butt and I like to smack it and I also grabbed his penis. He asked me if I was gay, and found out by seeing pictures of shirtless guys on my phone. He is the only person who knows I am gay, but he doesn't know of my feelings toward him sexually. Other things I do are look at him naked when he is about to shower and put my face in his underware. Should I tell him? Should I act on these feelings?

How can I remain straight?

i am so confused i always try not to look at guys but its just happened, rarely i attract to girl i have had sex with guys and not much with girls. grown up with my sister and mum treat me like a girl change my thought. i havent told any body that i sleep with guy because i worry what they will think and say. truly i dont want to be gay but when i see a guy i feel something but not with girl. another thing its easy to find guys than girls. please help me to change my thinking to girls.

Irregular periods – Could I be pregnant?

Hello. So, I had sex with my boyfriend about 2 mouths ago now(we only did it for about 7 seconds or so).. and i had my period.. But it was weird.. my period goes up by 1 date every time.. first it was the 9th, then 8th, 7th.. but last month i had it on the 11th.. its jumping dates. and now it is the 18th and i still haven't had my period.. I don't know whats going on, I've been getting cramps and stuff.. but no blood yet. Im not showing any sines of being pregnant. im not sick or anything like that. I would really like some help. Please and thank you!

I haven’t got my period yet

Hi, so i have a really unexpectable period. one month i actually got it twice. and in result december of 08 i got it late on the 29th. Now its january 31st of 09 and i havent got my period yet.. i have had sex once and that was on the 12th.. but it wasnt for the long and we used the pullout method... so i dont know what to think.. i have had cramps. but not breat tenderness or nausea.. HELP please.