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I fantasize about women during foreplay with my boyfriend

hi. i am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend who i've been with for a year, we are talking about getting engaged sometime in the near future. i have always fantasized about other woman but never actually did anything sexual with a woman,when my boyfriend and i are having sex i never think of other woman but when he is doing any other foreplay i do, i've done it with other boyfriend and it hasn't really bothered me, but last night i started to feel guilty about it. then i started questioning everything about my sexuality. i do not want a relationship with another woman, i want to be with my boyfriend, and eventually get married to , so why do i have to fantasize?. can i also point out i have never orgasmed during sex, only foreplay allows me to do this, which i'm happy with.

Why can’t I have an orgasm without disturbing fantasies?

I know that it's normal to fantasize about things you wouldn't actually want in real life, but what if these fantasizes are seemingly the only way I can have an orgasm? It's getting in the way of having an orgasm any other way, such as with my girlfriend. To get off, it's like I have to shut everything else out and focus on the fantasy. Tuning into her just doesn't seem to work. And it's not just her. It's everyone else I've ever been with, and it's not from lack of attraction to my sex partners. These fantasies are what I would consider abhorrent otherwise and I can't help but think to myself WHYYY does this do it for me? These fantasies typically involve gang rape by men and extreme humiliation (me being the object of it). And I'm a lesbian! It's ruining my ability to have sexual intimacy with my girlfriend What should I do? My girlfriend is really down on herself because she can't give me an orgasm... Does this require professional help? I CAN'T tell my girlfriend.