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I want a straight life but enjoy gay porn

hello i have a question im straight or at least i want to be straight i would love to have a family and live a straight's life ... but my question is why do i like looking at gay porn and get hard by looking at guys have sex but when i masturbate after im done im like "i dont wanna have sex with a guy no more" but i have a friend that we always drink hang out and were most of the time together he is just like me he is STRAIGHT but he doesn't feel attracted to guys at all we have gotten drunk really drunk a couple of times and i have given him oral sex and played with him (no fornication) sometimes he says stop so i stop and he tells me it feels good but its just not right but then we start wrestling and leads to the same thing again. next morning we act like if nothing happened , it has happened more than once . wo you think he is gay or curious ?